“Lizzie Lamble is my name and England is my nation, 
Kingsbridge is my dwelling place and Christ is my salvation,
When I am dead and in my grave and all my bones are rotten, 
Upon this book you will see my name and I shall not be forgotten.”

These words are written on the first page of the notebook that belonged to Mary Elizabeth Lamble who was born in West Charleton in 1875 to parents Edward and Jane. From approximately 1893 to the mid 1920s Lizzie, as she called herself, kept notes in a journal about family life, travels, gifts, poems and dreams as well as recipes and it has now found its way to the Archive amongst other family papers. 

Lizzie married Frank Herbert Head in 1908 and for a time lived at Gara Bridge Mill near Slapton. One of the account books suggest that Frank was a pig farmer and a rabbit trapper as well as a miller. Lizzie died in 1945 and Frank in 1948. 

The picture of Lizzie (above) was taken c.1922 at Blackpool Farm in Stoke Fleming and was donated to the Archive by David Yabsley along with her journal. 

 We are eager to try some of Lizzie’s recipes and share them with you, the first is: 

Lizzie’s Lemon Pudding: 

1 pt of breadcrumbs,
9 tsp of crushed sugar,
1 lump of butter the size of a small egg, 
1 1/2 pts of milk,
6 oz of eggs,
Peel of one large lemon. 

Sift a pint of stale breadcrumbs through a colander and add nine teaspoonfuls of sugar, crushed small, with a lump of butter about the size of a small egg. Boil a pint and a half of milk, pour it over the breadcrumb mix and stir it together. Leave until cold, then add six ounces of well beaten eggs and the peel of a large lemon, grated. Put the mix into a mould or basin and bake in the quick oven for one hour. 
To be eaten hot or cold.  

If you try this recipe we would love to hear how you get on and see some photos of the pudding. You can share your stories with us on our social media pages: The Devon Rural Archive – Home | Facebook. 

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